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 Some first impressions of the landscape, it is really dry now, you hardly see any trees still green and carrying leaves? but anyways the landscape remains impressive and somehow beautiful in my opinion. Must be wonderful to go here just during or after th
 Here we?re going on with the landscape. Mainly people here keep livestock (cattle, goats). There are some small villages we passed, not much going on, just some scattered houses to see. Most people are poor and income generation seems to depend mainly o
 Jossi is busy classifying the soil structure here. I did a great job guessing what it could be like? fortunately he knew what he was doing. In the background you see some of the local guys we employed to help digging the holes! Good for them that the soil
 Isn?t that a nice sign? It doesn?t really lead to anything (and least of all to an airport) but to a normal house in one of the villages. But I liked it, people here can be so creative!
 Well, pretty boring soil for all you experts? Just sandy and not good for agriculture? All the others please be impressed just for the sake of it! ;-)
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