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18.05.2004: (Windhoek (Namibia)) "arrival in Namibia"    [geschrieben von kirsten]

Dear all!
Today its my first working day in the GTZ-office in Namibia. Well, Im
first staring with checking e-mails... ;-)

I safely arrived on Saturday at 12 oclock (were one hour behind Germany

here). Marysia, one of the ladies working for the GTZ, showed me around town

and it was so different from all my previous Africa-experiences! I almost was a bit shocked! There is one shopping mall next to another in the city centre, and nothing like the big markets I knew from other African countries!

But already the next day I started "finding Africa again", so I definetly am in Africa :-)

Sunday morning I went for breakfast with Mr. Engel, the project-leader, and

his family. We were sitting outside in a nice cafe and enjoying the

sunshine. Its pretty warm during the day but gets quite chilly during

night. And its getting dark at 5:30 :-(. Yesterday evening we even

experienced some rain, I was really suprised cause I was prepared not to see

any rain for the next three months! But people were saying there is always a goodbye-rain in May and that I probably brought it from Germany...

In the afternoon the daughter of my landlords and one of her friends took me

around town, showing me all happening places. It was still a bit weird to see this totally different Africa!

Im soon going to write some more detailed experiences, but for now let me

start working,

Greetings from Windhoek,



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