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15.01.2008: (Planer-Plattform) "Ethnically Diverse City"    [geschrieben von NoSt]

European Cities will continue to be the destinations of migrants from all over the world seeking for refuge, education and work. In some cities, they are concentrating and developing their own life-world (“Lebenswelt”), in others they are integrated in the host society at a faster pace.

The training programme 2008 will focus on three major issues:

Ethnic diversity and the requirements for urban policies
Integration of different ethnic groups in the local economy and society
Innovative strategies for mutual benefit within ethnic diverse neighbourhoods

Workshop and conference will address the main topic of ethnic diversity such as the spatial expression of different religions and cultural traditions, etc. and the mechanisms of migrations (work, refuge chain migration, illegal entry, crime, prostitution).

Future Urban Research in Europe
Call for applications - ISSUE 2008 THE ETHNICALLY DIVERSE CITY
European Fellowship Programme, granted by the European Commission.

FUTURE supports young scientists for the research on the European City and enables them to participate in a training programme including a workshop, online training, an international conference and the possibility of publishing a paper.
Topic of the training programme 2008 is "The Ethnically Diverse City". The project aims at the integration of different disciplines relevant for the
topic and also at internationality.

Deadline for applications for the training 2008 is April 1st 2008.

Deadline for Application: 1st of April 2008
Workshop: 25th July 2008 – 1st August 2008
Conference: 31st October 2008 – 2nd November 2008

more information:


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